Azienda Agricola Taliano Nicola



The farming business “Niculin” has always been family run and takes its name from its founder, my grandfather Nicola – Niculin for everybody a Montà d'Alba – class 1904. 
Married with my grandmother Margherita in 1936, he soon has had four children: Michele, Carlo, Maria Teresa and Felice, my father.

Niculin 2 3 1Those were years of economical trouble, many farmers from Roero and Langhe move away. Niculin had the country in his heart, he didn't imagine himself doing anything else, he didn't want to do anything else.

He got by with the little land his father gave him, not avoiding the old practice of the ansum, that means going and harvesting the wheat into the farms of the plain near Carmagnola and Turin.
At home Margherita and his children supplied: in the vineyard the most important works were made, and with asparagus and peaches they could get by.

The choice was necessary to integrate the low income from his own properties, but it soon became interesting for the business development.
Niculin was a tireless worker, frank, honest, well liked and appreciated from all the masters with whom he settled every summer.
The relationship of trust that developed began to comprehend the tasting of his wines, barbera and nebbiolo over all. The success is immediate and the word of mouth grew among the clients.
Niculin began to winemake all the variety of grapes instead of selling them as most of his fellow countrymen did. The children grew up and all of them decided to remain on the land, dedicating themselves to the vineyards over anything else. Vineyards that in the meantime had grown to...hectares.

My grandfather died in 1977, during his fiftieth grape harvest and just after concluding the works of the new and actual wine cellar. He left us in peace, surrounded by his children and grandchildren, no one of whom had left the land and the house.

Niculin Niculin 1 1In 2001 my father and his brothers decided to pass the baton. It's time for me and my brother Giancarlo – third generation of the “Niculins”- conduct the business.

From that time more than ten years has passed. We have faced new situations, growing difficulties. And despite this we continue growing, and we try to honor as best as possible a family tradition that makes us proud.

The frankness, the honesty, the friendship that bonds us to our clients are the same as ever: the foundation of our being wine producers, a privilege of which we are proud of.