Azienda Agricola Taliano Nicola


We grow two types of fruit: peaches and apricots.


  • Yellow peach: juicy and fragrant, with hazel free, or less, and velvety skin
  • Saturn Peach, also called flat peach, nectarine platicarpa or flat (Prunus Persica var. Platycarpa), is a cultivar of fishing widespread in several continents.
    This fishing is known to be of much higher quality fishing nut.
    Of small to medium size, shape crushed like a snuffbox and intense flavor but sweet, has soft pulp and white. The fruit should be eaten within a few days of collection. Made from it even ice cream and slush.
    Collection: fruit ripening occurs between the first and second decade of May until the end of September for cultivars more later.
    Uses: The fishing is eaten by biting or peeled, alone or in fruit salads. It is used to make juices, jams and pastries. It can also be eaten as a dessert ever, with wine, sugar and a few drops of lemon. A traditional recipe of Piedmont is one of the stuffed peaches (in Piedmontese language: Persi Pien) with a mixture of eggs, sugar, cocoa and amaretti.



  • HW409: sweet pulp of high consistency, are preserved very well, ripening in late June.
  • Orange Red: fruit size large, round elongated, colored bright orange background, with red additional color. Orange flesh intense high consistency, quality taste good, juicy and aromatic; ripening early July.
  • Porches: It 'a vigorous cultivars with high and constant, much appreciated by the consumer for the good looks and good taste. produces fruits of average size - large, yellow-orange and great fragrance. The flesh is firm, medium fine texture, orange, stands, good quality gustative.Buona seal conservation in the fridge; ripening late June.